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Thunlit Solar Sensor Light

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Product Description

Sense the sunlight, sense your life. Thunlit Solar Sensor Light relies on the sun's energy to power its operation and create light for you. They have solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity to charge a built-in battery during the day. This stored energy is used to power the lights at night. They rely on renewable energy, which is free and doesn't produce any harmful emissions.

The highlight of the light is that it adopts a control sensor system. This sensor Light ensures that they only turn on when necessary. They use a built-in sensor that detects when it's dark outside and turns the light on automatically. The light also turns off when it senses daylight. At the same time, it is equipped with bright LEDs that emit a strong light. This ensures the area is well-illuminated, making it safer and easier to navigate. Some lights can illuminate up to 50 feet, making them ideal for large outdoor areas.Some solar sensor lights come with remote controls, allowing you to adjust the brightness and duration of the light. This feature makes it easy to customize the lighting to your specific needs.

Thunlit Solar Sensor Light can be installed on light poles, making them ideal for public spaces such as parks and streets. To sum up, it is an energy-saving, intelligently powerful and versatile light worth your purchasing!

Product Specifications

Light size490*230*60mm/630*250*65mm
Pole size510*245*150mm/650*260*150mm
Light sourceLED
Input voltage2V
Switch modeRemote control, induction type
Power supplySolar powered
Battery capacity10000-15000mAh
Illuminated area range80m²-300m²
Lighting time12-20h
Extension cord length5m
FunctionsSolar power supply, intelligent light control sensor system, strong light, energy-saving, wide range of illumination, remote control, light pole

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Packing List

1* Thunlit Solar Sensor Light

1* Instruction

1* Remote control

1* Screw set

1* Packing box

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