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Shipping Policy

Free shipping

We usually ship out orders in 1-2 business day. And we provide free shipping to countries in the following table, usually it takes about 7-10 days.

Country Shipping Duration Country Shipping Duration Country Shipping Duration
USA 6-10 days Belgium 6-10 days Finland 6-10 days
UK 6-10 days Luxembourg 6-10 days Hungary 6-10 days
France 6-10 days Ireland 6-10 days Latvia 6-10 days
Germany 6-10 days Bulgaria 6-10 days Lithuania 6-10 days
Italy 6-10 days Croatia 6-10 days Malta 6-10 days
Spain 6-10 days Czech Republic 6-10 days Poland 6-10 days
Netherlands 6-10 days Estonia 6-10 days Portugal 6-10 days
Romania 6-10 days Sweden 6-10 days Australia 6-10 days
Slovakia 6-10 days Austria 6-10 days South Africa 6-10 days
Slovenia 6-10 days Denmark 6-10 days Switzerland 6-10 days
Canada 10-20 days Greece 6-10 days Norway 6-10 days
Mexico / Brazil 25-30 days Japan 4-8 days

Free shipping for non-battery products

We can ship non-battery products to following countries around the world without extra shipping cost. Also package weight is limited, max 2kg. Here is the table for your reference. We are really sorry that most our lamps have non-battery type, but it may not display on the product page now, you can contact us for help, thank you, our email is

Country Packaging Weight Country Packaging Weight Country Packaging Weight
Russia Max 2kg Singapore Max 2kg Kazakhstan Max 2kg
Israel Max 5kg New Zealand Max 2kg Indonesia Max 2kg
Saudi Arabia Max 2kg Turkey Max 2kg Vietnam Max 2kg
Ukraine Max 2kg Japan Max 2kg China Hong Kong Max 2kg
Korea Max 2kg Malaysia Max 2kg Thailand Max 2kg
Angola Max 2kg Anguilla Max 2kg Argentina Max 2kg
Aruba Max 2kg Ascension Max 2kg Azerbaijan Max 2kg
Bahamas Max 2kg Bahrain Max 2kg Bangladesh Max 2kg
Belarus Max 2kg Belize Max 2kg Benin Max 2kg
Bermuda Max 2kg Bhutan Max 2kg Botswana Max 2kg
Burundi Max 2kg Cambodia Max 2kg Cameroon Max 2kg
Colombia Max 2kg Congo Max 2kg Island Max 2kg
Costa Rica Max 2kg Uganda Max 2kg Djibouti Max 2kg
Dominica Max 2kg Dominican Republic Max 2kg Egypt Max 2kg
Salvador Max 2kg Equatorial Guinea Max 2kg Swaziland Max 2kg
Ethiopia Max 2kg Falkland Islands Max 2kg Faro Islands Max 2kg
Tahiti Max 2kg Gabon Max 2kg Georgia Max 2kg
Ghana Max 2kg Gibraltar Max 2kg Greenland Max 2kg
Grenada Max 2kg Guatemala Max 2kg Guinea Max 2kg
Guinea-Bissau Max 2kg Iran Max 2kg Isle of Man (UK) Max 2kg
Jersey (UK) Max 2kg Jordan Max 2kg Kenya Max 2kg
Kiribati Max 2kg Kuwait Max 2kg Kyrgyzstan Max 2kg
Lebanon Max 2kg Madagascar Max 2kg Maldives Max 2kg
Mali Max 2kg Montenegro Max 2kg Montserrat Max 2kg
Morocco Max 2kg Myanmar Max 2kg Namibia Max 2kg
Tuvalu Max 2kg New Caledonia Max 2kg Nicaragua Max 2kg
Niger Max 2kg Nigeria Max 2kg Niue Max 2kg
Norfolk Island Max 2kg Oman Max 2kg Pakistan Max 2kg
Peru Max 2kg Philippines Max 2kg Pitcairn Islands Max 2kg
Qatar Max 2kg St. Kitts Max 2kg Saint Lucia Max 2kg
Senegal Max 2kg Solomon Islands Max 2kg St. Helena Max 2kg
Tajikistan Max 2kg Tanzania Max 2kg East Timor Max 2kg
Togo Max 2kg Tokelau Max 2kg Tonga Max 2kg
Tunisia Max 2kg Turkmenistan Max 2kg San Marino Max 2kg
Uruguay Max 2kg Uzbekistan Max 2kg Vanuatu Max 2kg
Vatican Max 2kg Zimbabwe Max 2kg Zambia Max 2kg
United Arab Emirates Max 2kg Christmas Island Max 2kg Cocos Islands Max 2kg
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Max 2kg Democratic Republic of Congo Max 2kg Republic of Nauru Max 2kg
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Max 2kg Sao Tome and Principe Max 2kg Turks and Caicos Islands Max 2kg
Wallis and Futuna Islands Max 2kg / / / /

Shipping address undeliverable

1.No delivery service is provided on European affiliated islands.
2. Remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, and overseas addresses such as Puerto Rico and Guam; APO/FPO military addresses.
3. South Africa: South Africa’s affiliated islands and PO BOX email addresses do not have delivery services.

Countries not in the free shipping table

For countries not in the table, if you place an order, we will contact you for extra shipping cost, our email is

Faster shipping

You can also use DHL, UPS shipping, it takes about 3-5 days, there will be extra shipping cost, please contact us for DHL or UPS service.

About shipping delay

Shipping may be delayed due to shipping peak period, holidays, and some unexpected cases. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by the delay and thank you very much for your patience.

Tracking site

Usually all packages can be tracked on 17 track, the site is

About customs or tax duties

Usually there is no customs or tax duties by our free shipping. By DHL, UPS shipping, there may be those charge. No matter what shipping methods, once there is import tax, duties, and tariffs, it will be charged from receivers. Customers will be responsible for import taxes, duties, and tariffs.
Any question, please feel free to contact us,

We will contact customers for any order or shipping problem, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, too, our email is