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Natural Light Desk Lamp - Say Bye Bye to Eye Strain

Katherine Ke 2020-10-13

Eye Strain is a Serious and Debilitating Problem for Students

It’s a well-known fact that vision-related problems are extremely common among students of all ages. When you’re reading books and looking at computer screens for several hours a day, the strain on your optical nerves tends to build over time and cause numerous issues. The worst part is that the time that they spend in front of screens or books is only going to increase as they go into higher grades, college, and beyond.

The Problem: The Lack of Natural Light

A lot of these problems can be solved by reading or using a computer in natural light, but the practical side of that is hard to achieve. For example, what about apartments with very little natural lighting coming through, or what about night-time study? A natural light desk lamp can solve your problems.

The Solution: A Natural Light Desk Lamp

As a replacement for natural light, a natural light desk lamp is perfect. It’s essentially a table lamp that gives you a lighting solution that’s very similar to natural daytime light. This is achieved by using the most modern light source in use today - LED. LED natural daylight desk lamps can give you very close to natural daylight, and it reduces the strain on the eyes by a tremendous amount. The main reason is that if the light intensity is high enough (about 800+ lux) and the color rendering index rating is over 90, the LED desk lamp effectively mimics natural light. The best part is that you can have it 24 hours whether it’s day or night, sunny or cloudy.

Part 1. Best 5 Natural Desk Lamps You Should Not Miss

Natural Light Desk Lamp.jpg

1.  Thunlit Wireless Lamp

Thunlit is an emerging leader in the LED natural desk lamp space. With several applause-worthy designs to their credit, they’ve created a strong brand image for themselves in the market. The Thunlit Wireless Lamp is a great example of that design and performance excellence that has helped the company make its mark in the personal task lighting space.

Let’s look at some of the features that make the Thunlit Wireless Lamp a very attractive natural desk light lamp to reduce eye strain from studying and staring at the computer screen all day.

Thunlit Wireless Lamp.jpg

Key Features

● 8W LED delivers up to 900 lumens

● Diffusion hardware ensures uniform natural light illumination

● 90+ CRI rating makes colors look vivid, like in natural light

● Three color temperature settings

● Three dimming levels

● Dual fast-charging: Wireless Qi charging and wired USB charging - simultaneously

● Set the timer for 1 or 2 hours to remind you to stop working or to measure the length of your study sessions

● Two axes of adjustment to give you the right lighting orientation

● Zero flickering, stripes, or strobes in any brightness or hue setting

● Sturdy metal shaft combined with eco-friendly materials

● Fold-down design - lays flat on the table


● Perfect luminosity and CRI to work as a natural daylight replacement for studying or working

● Change the color or brightness to achieve optimal lighting conditions in any situation

● 1 and 2-hour timer helps get disciplined and organize your study or work schedule

● Charge two phones at the same time

● Solid build quality makes your lamp a lifetime investment

● Fold-down design lays flat against the table surface and saves a lot of space

● At under $100, the Thunlit Wireless Lamp offers the best value for money considering all the features and design excellence it represents


● No horizontal rotation on the head unit, although ball joint allows for ample rotation

● Neck is rigid and a little limited in movement

2. BenQ e-Reading Lamp-Genie

BenQ is a powerhouse in electronics and has the resources to splurge on design and manufacturing. The result of all their efforts is the BenQ e-Reading Lamp-Genie, touted by the company to be the first-ever electronic reader lighting solution in the world.

BenQ e-Reading Lamp-Genie.jpg

Key Features

● Unique arc design for the head unit increases reading space by 50%

● Touch ring for on/off and sensor control

● Rotary dial for brightness and color hue control

● 18W LED delivers 1800 lux at the center point of illumination

● Net weight 2.4 kg

● CRI rating 80+


● Stylish and unique design

● Touch technology is well integrated into the design

● Rotary dimming and hue control offers greater flexibility to get the right lighting for your task


● Expensive price point - $139 on company site; $189 on Amazon

● No rotational movement on the head unit joint - ball ring compensates but only to a certain extent

3. Verilux SmartLight Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp

The Verilux SmartLight comes in a contemporary design with great flexibility. Even with its relatively smaller form factor, it puts out 18 watts of LED power for a natural lighting effect. Here are some of its other key characteristics:

Verilux SmartLight Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp.jpg

Key Features

● Gooseneck design

● Touch control and slide switch for dimming

● USB charging port built into the base

● 3 hues and 8 levels of brightness

● No-glare and anti-flickering technology


● Lightweight design - 2.8 lbs

● Bright, natural lighting with proprietary technologies for eye protection

● Convenient charging point for your mobile device


● Some users say the neck is too short

● Certain hardware issues with accessories have been reported

4. TaoTronics Desk Lamp 16 with 5V/2A USB Port Touch Control

TaoTronics is a major player in this space with multiple products in its portfolio of natural light desk lamps. The model we’re showcasing today is the TT-DL16, a 12-watt lamp that delivers 1200 lux at the brightest setting level.

TaoTronics Desk Lamp 16.jpg

Key Features

● Contemporary design

● Two angle joints and a swivel joint on the head

● USB port for mobile device charging

● Timer function for turning the unit off

● Night light setting

● 12W - 600lm light intensity

● 6 dimming levels and 5 color options (color temperature)


● Well-known and trusted manufacturer

● Large portfolio of products at varying price points

● Convenient charging point for mobiles

● Memory feature to remember your last-used setting


● Only suitable for countries with 120V power supply

● A little heavy for its form factor - 5.5 lbs

5. OTUSworld DL 01

The OTUSworld DL 01 is a stunning metal creation with lots of aesthetic appeal. The adjustability factor is great, and the lamp’s reach is sure to attract a lot of customers.

OTUSworld DL 01.jpg

Key Features

● 3 color options (white, warm, cool) and 12 dimming levels

● Touch panel integrated into the base unit

● On/Off controlled by gesture - wave your hand over the head unit

● 10W - 1200 lux

● Save your settings with the memory function


● Stunning design

● Long arms but very stable

● 36 customizable settings

● Suitable for 120V and 240V power supply


● Might be too large and unwieldy for a study table

● Heavy unit, not very portable

Part 2. Why Thunlit Wireless is the Best Choice to Fight Eye Fatigue / Strain

Of these Top 5 natural light desk lamp models, Thunlit Wireless Lamp stands out as slightly different because of its approach to preventing eye strain. The factors leading to that assessment are as follows:

● 8 watts provides the right amount of intensity and efficiency to keep your lamp running cool (under 50 degrees celsius) but still achieve the level of luminosity to prevent eye fatigue

● The dimming and color hue settings allow you to match your ambient lighting requirement

● The convenient swivel head gives you directional and angular adjustment so you can set it just the way you want without having to move things around on your desk

● Folds flat and out of the way so you don’t accidentally knock it over while doing something else

● The timer feature lets you measure the amount of time you spend on a task and reminds you to get ready for the next activity, even if it’s sleeping

● The only model to offer wireless and wired charging for two devices simultaneously

● Available in the widest range of colors (black, white, yellow, blue, gray) typically seen in desk lamps

● Specifically designed for reading, writing, and intricate tasks

● Very high CRI score - equal to or above 93, which means it renders colors almost as if you were seeing in natural sunlight

● The best sunlight desk lamp for natural full-spectrum lighting at this price point