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The 3 Best Wireless Charging Desk Lamps of 2023

Katherine Ke 2023-01-15 (Update:2023-01-17)

The wireless charger is a very popular necessity because it is convenient and efficient for smart devices. But using a wireless charger also means that you need a separate space to place it, such as a study desk, office desk, countertop, nightstand, etc. Maybe many customers and friends don't know that there are wireless charging lamps in the market, they are designed a wireless charging base while bringing the light source to reduce the clutter in your work space, minimize the wire winding. Most of all, they allow you to watch TV, study or work while charging, relax and happy, and maximize the efficiency!

Solution for ‘the New iPhone without a Charger’

As we know, the new iPhone (iPhone 12 or above) doesn’t include a power charger because of environmental protection, it means buyers will either have to keep using their old chargers or go looking for a compatible USB-C adapter. There would be more and more customers are switching to wireless charging methods for the foreseeable future.

At this moment, you may be thinking and paying attention to what is the best iPhone wireless charger? In fact, a good wireless charging desk lamp is very necessary, which allows you to charge almost all phone models which has the wireless charging port, including the latest iPhone 14. It also keeps you study while charging, saving time and space, environmentally friendly and comfortable. Therefore, the best wireless phone charging lamps ensure that you will not worry about iPhone without a charger.

What to Consider in a Wireless Charging Lamp

Every wireless charging lamp is aiming to light up your workspace while offering you a way to charge your mobile phone, earbuds and other accessories. Since all oth them provide similar charging capabilities, thinking about what other factors would be most concerned by you, like light brightness, light color, size and any other functions you want. If you plan to charge multiple devices at the same time, looking for one wireless charging lamp that has 2 or more USB ports. If you plan to place the phone on your lamp to have a video call or watch TV, choosing one with phone holder that can hold the phone vertically.

Lighting settings: Most of the lamps allows you to adjust the light brightness and color temperature from white to warm, meet your different needs for different scenario needs.

Charging speed: Before you prepare for charging your phone via lamp, you need to make sure it can keep up. Charging speed is measured in 'watts' and each mobile phone differs the charging speed. For example, older iPhone maxed out at 7.5W, while the new iPhone (iPhone 12 or above) can manage up to 15W.

Additional features: Most wireless charging lamps develop more functions that makes them a bit more powerful, and these features don't impact the functionality of the lamps but useful, making them most cost effective.

Top 3 Lists of Best Desk Lamps with Wireless Charger

How we picked up the best wireless charging lamp? When collecting this list, we kept in mind the different type of lamps that different customers need. We considered overall function, style, quality, material and appearance and so on, offering you the good mix of study & office-style options, would fit in well in a contemporary home, more sophisticated!

1. Thunlit Wireless Lamp

It’s very convenient when you need to charge your smart phone, just put it on the Thunlit Wireless Lamp and it will be charged. This 10W wireless lamp will not only support charging for your devices but also controls eye use time to mention you should have a rest.

Key specs

1. Material: ABS + AL + PC
2. Size: 432* 11 * 28.5mm
3. Switch mode: touch dimming
4. Wireless charging: 10W
5. Highlights: Qi wireless charging, touch control, dimmable, foldable, adjustable, 3 color temperatures, timing


2. Thunlit Modern Lamp

If you are looking for a powerful and modern wireless charging desk lamp, Thunlit Modern Lamp is your best choice. It would be a highlight in your room with its creative design and triangle appearance, increasing your modern level. Besides that, the 10W Qi wireless charging function has made you need it. Try it and you will love it.

Key specs

1. Material: stainless steel + ABS plastic
2. Size: 320 * 276 * 60mm
3. Switch mode: touch sensing, dimming color
4. Wireless charging: 10W
5. Highlights: Qi wireless charging, 35 different lights, foldable, adjustable, touch control


3. Thunlit Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

Maybe it will have the phenomenon that you can't find the charging cable when you want to charge your iPhone 14 Pro? Don't worry, Thunlit Wireless Charging Desk Lamp helps you solve your problem, it is not only a desk lamp, but also a wireless charger. It uses the principle of automatic induction charging between the desk lamp and mobile phone. Most of all, the life of your phone battery will not be shortened in the whole process of charging. It will stop when full charged, safe and stable.

Key specs

1. Material: aluminum + ABS
2. Size: Lamp base 11* 19cm, lamp height 36cm, lamp head 33* 4cm
3. Switch mode: Switch mode: touch
4. Color temperature: 5 color temperatures from 2800-6500K
5. Highlights: wireless charging, eye protection, 5 brightness, 5 color temperatures, sliding dimming, timing switch, foldable