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Breeze Through the Workday: Perfect Desk Fans for Office

Katherine Ke 2023-07-05 (Update:2023-07-05)

Are you tired of feeling hot and uncomfortable while trying to breeze through your workday? We've all been there, sweating profusely at our desks, unable to focus on anything but the unbearable heat. But fear not, because Thunlit has got you covered. As a company that provides desk fans to both the Southeast Asia and North American markets, we've curated a list of recommendations to help you stay cool and comfortable in the office.

Shopping List of Top 4 Desk Fans for Office

1. Simple design:Thunlit Rechargeable Desk Fan


Compared to other similar table fans, this fan is large enough, with a height of 21cm and a width of 20cm, it will give you a wide-angle air supply experience. It features improved safety materials, quality construction, and refreshing air. With sturdy base and detachable fan mesh, it’s designed to last.

Size: 20*21*6cm
Net weight: 346g
Power source: USB Rechargeable Battery

2. Mini & portable:Thunlit Portable Desk Fan


If you need to work outdoors but have no idea how to deal with the blazing weather, staying cool with a portable cordless fan is your best bet. This cute-looking lightweight fan, which also has the replaceable battery, adopts four wind speeds and a 360° adjustable fan head. Plus it has non-slip bottom that can be stably stand even on rough surface, perfect for outdoor workers.

Net weight: 125g
Power source: USB rechargeable, 2000mAh replaceable battery

3. Big battery capacity:Thunlit Electric Desk Fan


Automatic head shaking, 4 different speeds, adjustable angle, quiet operation...all those advantages are collected on this powerful desk fan.When it is working, the noise it makes is at around 35-50 dB, which won’t disturb you at all. So when it brings you coolness, it brings you quiet at the same time, perfect for noise-sensitive workers.

Size: 170*92*266mm
Net weight: 428g
Power source: USB rechargeable battery

4. Coolest wind: Thunlit Air Conditioner Fan


If your office desk is far from the air conditioner in the office and you don’t want a blade fan, this ac fan is pretty suitable for you. The design is exquisite with a portable handle. Suitable for various scenes, it can be used not only in your office, but also in your home or outdoors. It quickly cools down by pulling in the surrounding hot air, cooling it and then expelling refreshing breeze.

Size: 167*112*85mm
Weight: 557g
Power source: Plug-in, USB rechargeable


Now you have 4 good choices to consider. Any of these desk fans would make a great cooling companion for your better working. Staying cool and comfortable has never been so easy. Pick out your perfect fan today and enjoy the breeze!