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The Brightest Desk Lamp of 2023

Katherine Ke 2023-02-28 (Update:2023-02-28)

When we choose a brightest desk lamp, we can check the power of the desk lamp. Generally, a desk lamp with a power of 8 watts is still very bright and can illuminate a room. If you have brighter needs, you can look for lights above 8w. In fact, LED lights are indeed used more now, which are very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and LED lights The lighting effect is also quite good. For example, if the area in the room is relatively small, you can also choose 5-8 watts of LED lamps. It is enough for everyone to use 5-8 watts of LED lights for reading and writing. Sometimes the brightness of the led desk lamp is not as bright as possible. If it is too bright, it will cause some irritation to our eyes after a long time of use. Therefore, when choosing a desk lamp with high brightness, it is best to choose one that can adjust brightness and color temperature, which can be more flexible and suitable for your needs.

The Brightest Desk Lamp List

1. Thunlit Bright Desk Lamp

The power of Thunlit Bright Desk Lamp is up to 9W, which can provide you with the brightest light. And the LED lamp beads arranged in a circle can distribute the light more evenly and have a wider range. It has three kinds of brightness and color temperature, and the color temperature range is in a large range of 2000k-6000k, which is suitable for use in more environments. When you use it in a dark environment, you can give full play to its advantages and use the highest brightness and white light color temperature to bring you the brightest environment. And it has a large-capacity 4000mAh battery, as the brightest desk lamp, the battery life can also be longer.


2. Thunlit Modern Lamp

The power of Thunlit Modern Lamp is about 8W±10%, and it uses 96 high-quality LED lamp beads, which can provide you with a bright light desk lamp, and its CRI is greater than 93, which makes its light more likes natural, the light irradiated by natural light is better for your eyes, and can make the objects presented in your eyes restore their original color. Its color temperature range is 2800-6500K. Within this range, 12 levels of color temperature can be adjusted, and it has a sliding adjustment of brightness and color temperature. It can be combined into 35 different lights at most. You can use this light in a variety of environments. It also has some additional functions, such as wireless charging, this light can wirelessly charge your mobile phone or other devices, as long as your device supports the QI protocol.


3. Thunlit Study Desk Lamp

Thunlit Study Desk Lamp power is 8W. It can provide you with a healthy and brightest light, because it adopts an integrated light source design, making its light flicker-free, thanks to its four-layer partition. 40 LED lamp beads are arranged in a circle, so that it can illuminate a large area, and the irradiation area reaches 3 square meters. It is made of imitation leather, which is very comfortable to the touch, and you can also use it as a mobile phone stand when you are using this lamp. And it can adjust the color temperature as: 3000k, 4500k, 6000k. When you need a bright desk lamp, you can use the 6000k mode.


4. Thunlit Daylight Clip Lamp

If you need a desk lamp with high brightness and longer service time. Thunlit Daylight Clip Lamp will be the best choice, the service life of more than 40000 hours. It has a metal texture and can be fixed on the desktop or other places. It can bring you the most comfortable experience. And you don't need to worry about it being bulky, it can not only be placed in the same position. This desk lamp can be combined with multiple rotations to match the angle you need, and it has a remote control to adjust its color temperature and brightness. The blue light it emits is less harmful, and can illuminate a large area, with true color rendering, no flicker, and a very stable light source, providing you with a bright and good light.


5. Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp

Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp can provide you with bright light while protecting your eyes. Its power is 7W, and it can bring you bright light greater than 800 lux, which can provide you with brighter light. When you use a desk lamp to study or read, it is best to protect your eyes. And it is flicker-free, more eye-friendly, built-in 3200mAh high-capacity battery, which can continuously provide you with bright light, and the longest usable time is 72 hours. At the same time, its color temperature range is 2800k-6000k, providing you with the brightest light and also providing you with a comfortable warm light and warm white light.


6. Thunlit Student Study Lamp

If you are a student and urgently need a bright desk lamp for study, Thunlit Student Study Lamp can meet your needs. Its light tube has multi-layer partitions to purify the light and reduce blue light. After four layers of partitions, it emits soft and uniform natural light, which makes students' eyes comfortable. It has a power of 7W, which can provide you with a bright light source, and you can adjust three color temperatures. And long press the switch can be stepless dimming, to meet your need to use it in different environments.


7. Thunlit Touch Desk Lamp

Thunlit Touch Desk Lamp has built-in neatly arranged LED lamp beads and a light guide plate, which emits light without blue light hazards and reduces the burden on the eyes. The power it provides is 7W, and it can be dimmed by intelligent touch. After the light touch switch is turned on, it can be adjusted to white light, press twice for warm light, and press three times for mixed warm white light. Provide you with bright light and meet your other lighting needs.