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The 6 Best Reading Lamps of 2023

Katherine Ke 2023-02-06 (Update:2023-02-06)

For students who often read and study, reading lamps are an indispensable item on the desk, but in this diverse reading lamp market, how to choose a good reading lamp? Students use their eyes most frequently, so eye protection is the first priority. When students are reading, they often use their eyes at close range, and they usually stay at their desks for a long time during the exam week or when they are catching up with paper deadlines. Using the eyes at close range is itself an eye-damaging behavior. If there are many objective factors such as insufficient light, it will easily lead to vision loss. Therefore, to choose a lamp suitable for reading, the first condition is that it must protect the eyes, there must be no blue light hazards, and there is no flicker.

How to Choose a Best Lamp for Reading?

In addition to the eye protection function, the following points can also be used as a reference for choosing a reading lamp.

Good looking and practical

The color and design of the lamp conform to the style you like. Good-looking is always the first element of eye-catching.

Adjustable color temperature and brightness

The color temperature can be adjusted, and the warm and cold light can be switched freely. After all, working under a single color temperature for a long time will affect the body's circadian rhythm, disrupt the work and rest schedule, and lead to insomnia in severe cases;

High CRI

Color rendering index CRI>90. The closer the value is to 100, the closer it is to the color rendering of natural light, which can restore the true color of the object to the greatest extent;


It is best to be multi-functional. It's more convenient, and save money.

The 6 Best Reading Lamps

Well, about how to choose reading lamp is ready, let’s take a look at what recommendations are there for reading lamps! Here are 6 recommended best reading lamps from Thunlit:

1. Thunlit Warm Reading Light

The green table lamp with simple design will definitely catch your eyes! The whole lamp is made of raw wood and metal materials, which are more textured and durable, and it will make you feel more happy when you read on the desk. Thunlit Warm Reading Light is a lamp for reading, because of its weighty texture, it can be placed firmly on the desk, and the lamp holder to twist up, down, left and right 180 degrees.


2. Thunlit Folding Reading Light

Thunlit Folding Reading Light can adjust different color temperatures, it is a smart touch adjustment, long press can adjust different brightness. And because it is foldable, easy to carry and move, it has many functions and is very practical. It is also a multi-functional lamp, you can place it on the desk when you are working and studying, or you can hang it on the bedside if you want to read by the bed.


3. Thunlit Wall Mounted Reading Light

Thunlit Wall Mounted Reading Light has High CRI, greater than 90, which can better restore natural colors. And its strip design is very suitable for placing on the wall, which can make the illuminated area more extensive, its installation process is also very simple and fast, just use the stickers provided to paste it. It can be connected to the USB interface, which is very convenient. You can connect the power supply to your mobile power supply, computer and other devices. It has no video flash, so you don't have to worry about reading and studying with Thunlit Wall Mounted Reading Light.


4. Thunlit Hanging Reading Light

If you are looking for a cost-effective reading light, Thunlit Hanging Reading Light will be the best choice. Although its small size, But it has many uses. First of all, it is small in size but has a built-in 1200mAh battery, which is easy to carry, and you can hold it as a searchlight. And it is designed with magnetic suction, which can be adsorbed on the metal surface, or you can use the iron sheet sticker we provided to paste it where you want to place the light, so that the light can be adsorbed! As a reading light, it has no blue light hazard and better protects eyesight.


5. Thunlit Portable Reading Lamp

Thunlit Portable Reading Lamp can bend its lamp arm arbitrarily, which greatly reduces the volume of the lamp itself, making it easier to place and store and carry. It uses energy-saving lamp beads, which can last longer on a single charge. The weight of the whole light is only 0.09kg, which is easy to carry to the library or dormitory for reading and studying, and has 3 levels of brightness, bright light can be used for learning and reading, and lower brightness can be used as a night light or when you use electronic devices.


6.Thunlit Personal Reading Light

When reading, do you feel that the double shadow of the light affects your reading? This is really an annoying thing. Thunlit Personal Reading Light adopts Side-emitting technology to eliminate multi-layer ghosting, so that your reading sight is not hindered. It is a standable and clip-able design, and it is small in size. You can clip it to a book for reading, or clip it to the edge of the table, bedside, etc., and it can also stand firmly on the desktop. So it is very convenient and can be used in different scenarios.