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The 5 Best Desk Lamps for Eyes of 2023

Katherine Ke 2023-02-08 (Update:2023-02-08)

Studying in a poorly lit environment can easily strain one's eyes, especially if a good light source is not readily available. Although the eyes adjust itself to allow more light to enter the eyes when studying in a low-light environment, this adjustment of the eyes may cause eye soreness, itching, pain, blurred vision or headaches, and can lead to nearsightedness. Therefore, whether you are studying at school or completing homework at home, a desk lamp is a necessary condition for creating a good eye environment.

With the wide variety of unique desk lamps available on the market, finding the perfect one can be a bit difficult. Some lamps may be really cheap, but their quality is not necessarily good, and it may be counterproductive to protect eyesight. And choosing a desk lamp for eyes needs to be considered from many aspects. In this article, we've compiled some recommendations for choosing a lamp that's good for your eyes, as well as the best lamps for your eyes on the market that can help relieve the development of eye strain. We've introduced 5 desk lamps for eyes to help you make better purchase options.

Tips for Best Desk Lamps for Eye

Since a desk lamp is so important to the eyes, from what aspects should we distinguish a best desk lamp for eyes? Not just any can bright lamp is good for your eyes, and without some special craft or technique, it's hard to tell if a desk lamp is good for your eyes. Here are some suggestions:

Less blue light harm

The blue light in the bright white light has extremely high energy, which can cause eye fatigue and damage eyesight. When choosing a lamp for your eyes, the less blue light the better.

No LED Light Strobe Effect (Flicker)

Some LED desk lamps don't always provide the best light for the eyes because they produce barely noticeable flicker which can cause eyestrain. So how do we need to see if the light is flickering? Turn on the camera of the mobile phone and point the camera at the working desk lamp to shoot. Observe whether there are horizontal lines on the light-emitting panel of the light on the screen of the mobile phone. If there are horizontal lines, it means that there is strobe effect (flicker). If there are no horizontal lines, it means that there is no strobe effect (flicker).

Suitable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

When the color temperature is 4000k, 4500k, 5000k, it is better for the eyes. 4000~5000k is light yellowish white light, which is relatively soft, does not hurt or irritate the eyes, and can better restore the original color of things, and the brightness of the light is relatively uniform. Therefore, you need to check the correlated color temperature range of the desk lamp.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The color rendering of a desk lamp refers to the lamp's ability to display true-to-life colors. The closer the color rendering index value is to 100, the stronger the ability to restore the color of the object, and the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the color of the object, so the eyes are not easy to fatigue. A CRI greater than 80 is an ideal CRI for interior lighting.

The 5 Best Desk Lamp for Eyes to Reduce Eye Strain

1. Thunlit Kids Desk Lamp

Why choose Thunlit Kids Desk Lamp? First, it has three layers of protection thanks to the special fabrication, and it has a large shade that makes it emit less blue light. Second, the circular LED beads makes the area illuminated by it wider, the light-receiving surface increases, and the light spreads more widely, which is beneficial to protect our eyes. Third, it has three levels of color temperature adjustment, warm light: 3000k, warm white light: 4500k, using these two color temperature modes can make our eyes less prone to fatigue.

But its advantages are not limited to this, its flexible lamp arm allows you to turn it freely, adjust the height of the lamp, and you can also use it as a mobile phone stand!


2. Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp

Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp has high quality 28 LED lamp beads. The high-quality lamp beads make it no flicker, the eyes are not easy to fatigue when using it, and its service life can be greatly improved. This lamp born to protect eyesight, its bright light is greater than 800lux, which means that when using this lamp, it helps to reduce the pressure on your eyes. Built-in large-capacity battery, fully 3200mAh, the large battery can provide more energy, and the use time is longer, so you don't need to worry about often needing to find a charger for charging.


3. Thunlit Study Desk Lamp

Thunlit Study Desk Lamp round lamp surface design suitable for students' study has a wide range of light, can illuminate your entire desk, and has sufficient light source. It is also very flexible, the lamp head part can be rotated 180 degrees up and down, and the lamp arm part can also be moved 90 degrees, which makes it easy to store; and it can work for up to 18 hours after being fully charged.

The whole lamp is made of imitation leather and ABS material, which looks very textured and feels silky to the touch, so this lamp is not only practical, but also has outstanding appearance.


4. Thunlit Clip LED Light

When reading or studying under some desk lamps, do you feel that sometimes some ghosting will affect your visual? Thunlit Clip LED Light adopts soft LED lamp beads and a ring-shaped lamp head design to make the light even and reduce ghosting. And because of the setting of the ring-shaped built-in LED lamp beads, this light has no strobe visible. It makes you not affected by shadows and strobes during use, which greatly improves the experience of use.

This light adopts a clip design, and has a fixing device at the bottom, as well as leakage holes. This makes it convenient to place securely on a tabletop or clip anywhere.


5. Thunlit Student Study Lamp

Thunlit Student Study Lamp light tube is designed on four layers of special partitions, which contain a blue light filter, which can greatly reduce the blue light emitted by the LED lamp beads, and is more suitable for long-term student study.Its CRI>80, during use, the color of the place irradiated by the lamp is closer to the color under natural light, as if studying in nature, and can better protect the eyes. It is made of ABS + PU Leather material, which makes it more durable and more textured.