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5 Super-high Techniques for Selecting a Good Desk Lamp

Katherine Ke 2023-02-28 (Update:2023-02-28)

Nowadays, children are getting younger and younger when wearing glasses due to myopia.  Children who have just entered primary school can wear a pair of big glasses, which makes them look lovely and feel pitiful. The reason for myopia at such a young age is actually very simple, usually due to the habit of using cell phones and incorrect use of eyes, but more importantly, children do not use the correct lights when reading or writing homework. Cause children's eyesight to be damaged.

When using the desk lamp, many people, especially the parents would think that the brighter the desk lamp, the better it is, and it is more useful for children to read and write homework, but it is actually not so!

Because the brightness of a desk lamp is not the only standard for testing and measuring desk lamps.

To choose a good desk lamp suitable for one's eyes, the most important thing is to choose an "eye protection" lamp, which must meet the following requirements.

5 Tips for Choosing a Good Desk Lamp

1. Select Low HEV Lamp

In 2010, Dr. Denny announced the amazing achievement of ophthalmologists from the Association for Visual and Ophthalmic Research (ARVO): Most of the lighting on the market contains "high energy visible light" (HEV), which is very harmful to the eyeball. Long-term reading under harmful hybrid cars will lead to serious consequences such as myopia, computer syndrome, cataract and even blindness. Doctors remind: "High-energy visible light" is more harmful to children's eyeballs!  Therefore, we should try our best to choose low-energy visible lamp.

What is high-energy visible light?

In fact, high-energy visible light (HEV) is a kind of high-energy visible light that can directly penetrate cornea and lens, reach macular region, accelerate cell oxidation in macular region, and cause photochemical damage to retina. Hepatitis E is more harmful to children's retina. Hybrid electric vehicles are ubiquitous and exist in daily life. The sun, fluorescent tubes, computers and liquid crystal displays all contain hybrid cars. Therefore, hybrid vehicles are recognized as the most harmful visible light.

If you are worried about the "excessive quantity of hybrid vehicles" in the purchased LED lamps or other electrical appliances, you can follow the "National Standard of the People's Republic of China" GB/T 20145-2006/CIE S 009/E: 2002 (Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamps Systems)) to determine whether the hybrid vehicles with LED lamps are excessive-the standard gives the upper limit of the luminous flux of hybrid vehicles at a specific space angle.

Generally speaking, hybrid vehicles exceeding 0.2 are considered as high hybrid vehicles. Not recommended for children. Therefore, when buying a desk lamp, you must choose a low hybrid electric desk lamp. This is better for eyes.


2. Don't Choose Lamps That Flash Easily

Stroboscopic light can easily cause children's vision fatigue, dizziness, eye discomfort, more serious, headache, loss of vision and other serious problems.

The most direct way to check whether there is a flash lamp is to turn on the camera of the mobile phone under the light source of the desk lamp. If there is no flashing dark line on the mobile phone screen, it means that there is no strong point. The faster the dark line flows, the more serious the stroboscopic effect is. Try not to choose a desk lamp with serious stroboscopic effect.


3. Choose a Desk Lamp with Soft Light

Generally speaking, on weekdays, the color temperature of sunlight we see is about 5.6 million, which is similar to the direct sunlight at noon, but for desktop reading, it is too high and too white, which makes eyes feel tired easily.

The best illumination time is 1-2 hours after sunrise and the color temperature is about 4000-5000 thousand. This color temperature range is comfortable and soft, which is very suitable for reading and writing. Generally speaking, if you should use a slightly higher color temperature in this range for reading, writing will require a relatively lower color temperature. You can choose a desk lamp with appropriate luminosity according to your own usage.


4. The Most Suitable Lighting Range for Desk Lamp

The illuminance of 750-1500 LX from the light source center of the desk lamp to the height of 400 mm of the reading and writing table is the best visual lighting environment. Generally speaking, from the point of view of illuminance, lamps under 500LX are not qualified, have low lighting brightness, and do great harm to eyes, so they cannot be used as reading and writing lamps.  Should choose more than 500LX.

The lighting range is what we usually call the lighting area of a desk lamp. The lighting range of an ordinary desk lamp is generally about 55cm, which is the size of a magazine and is not enough for students to read or write. If the irradiation range is too low, it is easy to cause a person's sitting posture error, resulting in hunchback and myopia.

Generally speaking, in order to create a comfortable lighting environment for reading and writing, the lighting of the desk lamp should not be less than the size of two books, which can ensure that people can read and write at the most comfortable height.

From the perspective of ergonomics, the light emitted by the annular light source is most suitable for reading, and the design of 16:9 light source distribution is most suitable for the visual proportion of human eyes. From an ergonomic point of view, the light emitted by the circular light source is most suitable for reading and gives people a more comfortable feeling.


5. 3C Certification Conditions

National certification requirements: learning table lamps must pass the national mandatory 3C certification and be within the validity period of the certification.

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the mind. Children's eyes should be well protected from childhood, and their eyesight should not be damaged due to misuse of desk lamps. That would do more harm than good. What kind of environment you created for him and what he used are all subtly affecting him. Please don't bring pain to your child's growth because of our negligence.


3 Recommendations of Good Desk Lamp for Eyes

Here we would like to introduce you the lists of 3 good desk lamps for eyes.

1. Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp

Look for an affordable lamp with eye protection function? Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp is specially designed for students, this lamp can provide health light source to avoid your eyes getting myopia, it can last at least 4 hours at the brightest light, say goodbye to the fear of sudden power failure.


2. Thunlit Bright Desk Lamp

Thunlit Bright Desk Lamp is born for learning, it is featured with circular large-area light source and 4000mAh big capacity battery, there are 3 color temperatures allow you to choose, and the brightness is allowed to adjust at will, making your study life more comfortable, you will no longer worry about the power failure.


3. Thunlit Touch Desk Lamp

Want a 1-touch control the desk lamp with ease? Thunlit Touch Desk Lamp is equipped a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, there are three adjustable color temperatures to choose from, including white light, warm light, warm-white light from 2800K to 6000K, long press to adjust the brightness at will.