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The 8 Best Rechargeable Table Lamps of 2023

Katherine Ke 2023-02-28 (Update:2023-02-28)

When you study or read, you always use the lamps. If they are in dim light, the efficiency of study or work will be reduced, and your eyestrain may be aggravated. The right lighting helps create a calm and productive learning environment. Most students and reading lovers like to study and read at night, and it is easier to absorb knowledge in quiet and leisure nights. If it is a rechargeable table lamp to provide you with a light source, it will be more convenient! Think about it, what if you are studying and have other roommates and they want to sleep? You're not tied down by cables with a rechargeable table lamp, and the cordless table lamp provides task lighting for studying, reading, writing, or enjoying other activities.

Best Rechargeable Table Lamp List

1. Thunlit Bright Desk Lamp

Thunlit Bright Desk Lamp has a built-in battery with a large capacity of 4000mAh, so you don't have to worry about its standby time. Can give you lighting all night. And it has bright LED lamp beads, and the output power of the whole lamp is 9W, which ensures that it can provide you with the brightest brightness. The color temperature of white light can reach 5500-6000K, and it can provide you with warm light (2800-3300K) and warm white light (4000-5000K) at the same time. The smart touch button is on the base of the light, and you can control the switch and intelligently adjust the brightness and color temperature through this button.

Features: 4000mAh battery capacity rechargeable, ABS material, 3 color temperatures, with phone holder


2. Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp

Thunlit Eye Protection Lamp has a 3200mAh built-in battery, which can be used for 4-72 hours. When you use the lowest light, its standby time is up to 72 hours, and it can be charged directly using the DC interface. And the light source is eye-protecting, because it uses eye-protecting LED lamp beads, 28 high-brightness lamp beads are arranged neatly, the bright light is >800 lux, the illumination is uniform, and there is no blue light hazard and no flicker.

Features: protect eyesight, ABS material, 3 color temperatures, 3200mAh battery capacity rechargeable, 28 LED beads


3. Thunlit Study Desk Lamp

Thunlit Study Desk Lamp has a built-in battery capacity of 2000mAh, and it can be used for up to 18 hours after being fully charged. Made of imitation leather, the touch texture is very soft and comfortable. It is simple and elegant on your table, and it is very high in appearance and practicality. Its circular design of the lampshade allows the lamp to emit a large area of light, and it is adjustable and foldable, you can rotate it 180 degrees, and it can be folded when not in use to save space.

Features: adjustable angle, foldable, imitation leather material, 2000mAh battery capacity rechargeable


4. Thunlit Rechargeable Clip Light

The Thunlit Rechargeable Clip Light has a built-in 2000mAh battery and has an indicator light to remind you to fully charge it (when it turns green). The base of the lamp can be clipped anywhere, or placed directly on your table. The design of the lamp tube can be opened and closed 180°, you can extend the lamp tube to 41cm! This gives you a larger area of light. Coupled with its flexible arm, you can 360° freely control the angle and range of light irradiation.

Features: 360° bendable, clipable, 2000mAh battery capacity rechargeable, large irradiation area, 32 LED beads


5. Thunlit Folding Reading Light

Thunlit Folding Reading Light is a compact, very portable light. Although it is small, it has a built-in battery of 2000mAh, which is convenient to use and can provide you with longer service time. When you fold it up, it's about the size of a cell phone and light enough to double as a flashlight. When you place it on the table, it can be used as a desk lamp, and it can also be hung on the wall, suitable for many different scenarios. The design of touch dimming is very convenient, long press can adjust its brightness.

Features: foldable, hangable, 2000mAh battery capacity rechargeable, portable


6. Thunlit College Desk Lamp

Thunlit College Desk Lamp is a multi-functional rechargeable desk lamp. When you own it, it is equivalent to having a mobile phone holder, a pen holder, and a desk lamp at the same time. The pen holder serves as the base of its lamp, you can place some items in the pen holder, and it can move with the lamp. You can also adjust its lamp arm at will, 360 degrees, because its lamp arm is made of bendable soft material. It is a smart touch switch, you can turn on the light with just one touch, it has LCS laboratory test certification, no blue light damage, 4000K color temperature protects eyesight.

Features: smart touch, 1200mAh battery capacity rechargeable, multifunctional, bendable,  eye protection, multifunctional


7. Thunlit Battery Study Lamp

Thunlit Battery Study Lamp is a lightweight rechargeable desk lamp that weighs only 240g and has a built-in 1250mAh battery, so you can easily carry and move it. The lamp tube adopts a ring design, and the LED lamp beads are evenly distributed around the ring lamp head, which can make the light distribution more healthy, bright and clear, without ghosting, and the light has no flicker, which is beneficial to your eyesight. At the same time, it can be used as a mobile phone holder, and it is equipped with a 360° rotatable light arm, which makes it more convenient for you to use.

Features: bendable, 1250mAh battery capacity rechargeable, eye protection, portable


8. Thunlit Study Lamp with Clock

Thunlit Study Lamp with Clock is a rechargeable desk lamp with a display screen, you can directly see the time, date, temperature and other information on the display screen, and it can also be used as an alarm clock. When you use it to study, you can see the current time when you look up. When you put it on the table next to your bed, you can also use it to set a regular alarm clock for you. It comes with nine alarm clock ringtones, wakes you up every morning. It is small in size and the light part can be folded for easy portability.

Features: multifunctional, 500mAh battery capacity rechargeable, foldable, multiple displays screen