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The 6 Best Lighting for Home Office

Katherine Ke 2023-02-11 (Update:2023-02-11)

A best lighting can promote your work concentration and eye comfort. You need a proper desk and a laptop to do home office work, but that's not enough. You also need a best lighting for home office, which can make your home office has a comfortable environment, and you can even improve your concentration when doing home office work, because the best lighting will make you more alert and more efficient. Don't wait any longer, make your home office lighting plan now, and create a comfortable environment for you to work from home. In the following content, we have compiled the top 6 best lighting to provide ideas for your home office.

The Top 6 Best Lighting for Home Office

1. Thunlit Headboard Clip Lamp

When you use lighting in your home office, you may sometimes have different lighting requirements. Then you can choose Thunlit Headboard Clip Lamp. For example, when you are using a computer, you need a soft light to shine down from above; when you are making work documents, you may need a bright white light. Therefore, you need a lighting that can adjust the angle and color temperature to meet your needs in the home office.

The metal lamp clip of this light has an anti-wear protective cover, which can not only be firmly clipped to the desk or any where, but will not damage anything. The flexible metal tube makes it 360-degree adjustable, and you can adjust its height and irradiation angle according to different work needs. It uses external control buttons to adjust a variety of color temperature and brightness to meet all your home office needs.


2. Thunlit Wireless Lamp

For home office lamps, it is best to be intelligent, which will help you focus on your work. Thunlit Wireless Lamp is an intelligent lamp, and its most prominent feature is its wireless charging function. When you are concentrating on your work, you can charge your temporarily unused devices on your desk lamp. There is also a USB charging port on its side, that is to say, it can provide power to two devices at the same time. And there is a touch panel, which can be centrally controlled to adjust the brightness and timing.

Not only is it a smart light, but it can also provide a better light source. Thanks to its built-in 60 LED lamp beads, it uses a special process to make it emit more uniform and softer light. Not only that, its CRI is as high as 93, but also It can restore the natural light in your home office. Provide the best light for your home office and reduce your eye strain.


3. Thunlit Wall Mounted Desk Lamp

If you have placed a lot of things on your home office desk, such as printers, work computers, work documents, etc. Then your desktop may not have enough space to place a lighting desk lamp, then you can consider the Thunlit Wall Mounted Desk Lamp because it can be pasted on the wall, or directly magnetically attached to a metal object. This light can be moved anytime anywhere without taking up any space on your desk.

The whole lamp has built-in LED lamp beads, and the lamp tube is designed in a long strip shape to ensure sufficient brightness and make the irradiation area larger. It has three color temperatures, and can touch stepless dimming, which is suitable for a variety of home office scenarios. There is also a built-in large-capacity battery of 3000mAh, which can be used for a longer time after a charge. You can install the light on the wall to save space in the home office, but the light can still be removed and moved 360 degrees.


4. Thunlit Simple Desk Lamp

In your home office, you need an ultra-thin base that is convenient to fold and store, and has a high value and a simple style. Thunlit simple desk lamp uses a glass base, and the thickness of the lamp body is only 8mm. This glass base is not only good in texture, thin and also has a night light function. It can also be used as an atmosphere light in your home office.

This lamp Lumens: 560lm, this range is more suitable for office, and the light it emits is eye-protecting light, so that your eyes are better protected.


5. Thunlit Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

When you're choosing lighting for your home office, you can never go wrong with a solid black light. The whole lamp of Thunlit Wireless Charging Desk Lamp is high-grade black, which will definitely match your home office environment. The light itself also has a wireless charging function and a usb port, which can supply power to two devices. When you need to charge office equipment in an emergency, you do not need to look for charging ports everywhere. This is really convenient!

It has 5 color temperatures. Compared with lighting on the market, its color temperature range is wider. It can be switched freely from 2800K to 6500K, which can be applied to more environments. It also has a timing switch function, you can set a time, and the light will be turned off, this function can be used as a reminder in your work.


6. Thunlit Long Study Lamp

Thunlit Long Study Lamp has an arm long enough for you to find the best light angle, and it stays firmly in place. You can place this light in your home office, or whatever. Its metal material makes it last longer, and it has a remote control to control the light switch, brightness and color temperature. It has three nodes for adjustment. You can adjust the height and angle in combination, as you like. The light base is very stable, derived from high-density non-slip pads, and the base is detachable.