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The 5 Best Desk Lamp with USB Ports

Katherine Ke 2023-02-14 (Update:2023-02-20)

If you need to work and study, you must need a desk lamp to provide a portable lighting source. If you use a desk lamp working or studying, you may not be able to provide power to many devices at the same time. One of the best desk lamps with USB ports is Battery powered or rechargeable, with an extra USB port that lets you charge portable devices, they come in handy when your phone battery runs low and you need to keep studying or working at your desk. The desk lamp with USB ports can keep your phone from shutting down. When used the lamp as a night light, a good desk lamp with USB ports, put it next to the bed, it completes the work of a mobile power supply and a night light at the same time.

The List of Best Desk Lamp with USB Ports

This is the 5 best desk lamps with USB ports carefully selected by Thunlit after comprehensive consideration:

1. Thunlit Wireless Lamp

Thunlit Wireless Lamp has a Touch control panel, which you can control the switch of the light, adjust the brightness of the light, and set your usage time. It’s make your experience more intelligent. Even better, in addition to being equipped with a USB port, it also supports wireless charging, and you can charge up to two devices at the same time!

It has 60 LED beads, which brings you higher brightness and can be suitable for more environments. And its CRI is greater than 93, you can restore the original color of the environment when you are working or studying.


2. Thunlit Modern Lamp

Thunlit Modern Lamp is not only equipped with 2 USB ports, but also has a wireless charging function, which means that it can supply power to 3 devices at the same time. It's a triangular design that makes it easier to move but holds it in place. Made of ABS and equipped with a stainless steel metal shaft, good materials and 96 bright LED lamp beads are equipped with it, which greatly improves the service life. After our test, this metal shaft has passed the 10,000 rotation test and can still be used normally.

The way to adjust the brightness and color temperature is a sliding touch, a more modern function. With 12-key dimming and color sliding touch switch, it can be matched with 35 different lighting effects! And it has a memory function. When it is turned on next time, it can remember the brightness and color temperature of the last time it was turned off, and its CRI>93 is more eye-friendly.


3. Thunlit Folding Desk Lamp

Thunlit Folding Desk Lamp is equipped with a USB port, built-in 2000mAh large-capacity battery, after fully charged, it can be used as an emergency light source and power supply energy, which makes it more convenient. And it has two adjustable nodes, you can turn its base 90 degrees, and the lamp tube can turn 270 degrees. The whole lamp can be adjusted up and down 90 degrees, which is more practical. It adopts a sliding touch design, with 5 levels of dimming, and the brightness can be easily adjusted by sliding touch.


4. Thunlit Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

Thunlit Wireless Charging Desk Lamp has wireless charging function and a USB port, you can wirelessly charge your mobile phone and charge another device at the same time. It uses LED high-quality energy-saving lamp beads, which can emit softer light. Luminous flux is 450 lumens, and five color temperatures can be adjusted, so that it can provide you with corresponding light in different environments.


5. Thunlit Multifunction Lamp

Thunlit Multifunction Lamp is designed in the shape of a pen holder with a USB port on the top and a 1200mAh battery, which can not only provide power for your device, but also serve as a multifunctional pen holder. The reason why it is multifunctional is that it can also be used as a mobile phone stand. When you need to use your mobile phone but it happens to be out of power, you can use the desk lamp to provide power for your mobile phone, and at the same time, you can place the mobile phone in the holder of the light.


What You Must Know About Desk Lamp with USB Ports?

Before you decide to buy a desk lamp with USB port, you can refer to the following points to help you choose a desk lamp with USB port:

1. Value for Money

Depending on your budget, choose the price of the lamp you want to buy, but the price will increase with the appearance of the lamp, battery power or overall efficiency. When you choose a desk lamp, you can choose a desk lamp with additional functions on the basis of determining the hard conditions. The USB ports in the desk lamp is already an additional function. Some desk lamps with USB ports will also have an attached electronic display and the additional function of timing off, you can monitor your desk lamp usage at any time and set the timing preference! It is best to save energy, which is also very important. An energy-efficient desk lamp with USB ports will generally last longer, so the best USB desk lamps should have energy-efficient LED bulbs.

2. Flexible

You want a desk lamp with USB ports that is flexible, but flexible enough to stay firmly on the table so as not to damage the bulb. When using the flexible USB desk lamp, you can adjust its height and angle to get the best light. And there are also differences in the flexibility of selection. Some desk lamps can rotate their lamp arms, which can rotate 360 degrees to bring light from different angles. Some lamps can be placed on the wall or on the table, which can also bring light from multiple directions.

3. Size and Design

Size matters when choosing a desk lamp with USB port because space on a desk is limited. When you buy a desk lamp, you need to consider the space on the table to ensure that you have enough space for study and work. And you need to choose its design according to your needs. Some lamps are designed to be clip-on or the shape of the lamp tube is also different, choosing a design that suits you can greatly improve the efficiency of your work or study, and you can use lamp better.

4. Brightness and Color Temperature

Brightness and color temperature are the most important for the experience of using a desk lamp with USB ports. It is best that its color temperature and brightness can be adjusted. You should always pay attention to its brightness and color temperature level as the environment changes, which can better save energy and protect eyesight. When the environment becomes dark, you should adjust the brightness in time. Lamps usually divide the brightness by lumens. The higher the lumens, the higher the brightness that the lamp can achieve. However, the rated power of the lamp usually also affects its brightness. You can check these two parameters when choosing.