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The 5 Best Desk Lamps of 2023 for Computer Work

Katherine Ke 2023-02-09 (Update:2023-02-09)

If you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer, you don't just need a good computer, it's a requirement. And you also need a desk lamp suitable for computer work, which can provide you with light source and beautify your work space at the same time. The right desk lamp can make all the difference.

Why Choose Best Desk Lamp for Computer Work

Although the light in the room is enough under normal circumstances, when you need to focus on something, you need a desk lamp to help you. It can create a better atmosphere and focus the eyes on the subject. More importantly, when using a computer to work, you need a desk lamp to ensure sufficient light source, so as to better protect the health of your eyes.

Because it should be placed next to the computer, the height of the desk lamp should reach the height of the screen. This kind of lighting environment is more comfortable. Therefore, it is best to choose some desk lamps that will not take up too much space, and the lamp arm must be long, so that The lighting range is wider. The lamp arm is long enough to show high flexibility, and the angle can be adjusted according to the needs of the work, which makes your work more convenient. Try to choose some simple-style desk lamps to work with you, which will not be too eye-catching when placed next to the computer, and will less distract you from your work.

And the human eye is most sensitive to blue-green in low light. A good desk lamp for computer work must meet some requirements: choose a lamp with high CRI (not less than 80), because the lamp with low chroma will make the color Saturation is lost, colors are distorted, thus causing visual fatigue and deepening myopia. Pay attention to lights with a suitable color temperature, preferably no more than 5000k. The most important thing is to pay attention to blue light and strobe, and choose no blue light and no video flicker. Therefore, choosing the best work desk lamp is conducive to your work efficiency and physical and mental health, and can also protect your eyesight.

The 5 Best Desk Lamp for Computer Work

1. Thunlit Target Clip Light

Thunlit Target Clip Light has a flexible spring and a solid metal arm. You can adjust its height at will. After you set the height, its metal arm will help you better fix the height and angle, and it It won't take up too much space for you, you just need to clip it to the edge of the table, because this is a metal clip, fixed with screws, you don't need to worry about it falling and being knocked down easily. Furthermore, its lampshade is very large, which can better focus the light source.

Recommended reason: adjustable long lamp arm, clip-on design, black simple style, big lampshade.


2. Thunlit Wall Mounted Desk Lamp

Thunlit Wall Mounted Desk Lamp adopts a unique magnetic design, which can be disassembled, or it can be attached to your computer desk through our equipped bracket to obtain a larger lighting area. Touch switch, stepless dimming, control the color temperature and brightness of the light by touch, you can rotate the light 360 degrees arbitrarily. The lamp has three color temperatures, and you can choose a mode below 5000k for computer work, which is helpful for your eye health. Since the lamp is made of energy-saving LED lamp beads, it is more energy-saving, And it has a built-in 3000mAh battery, which can be used for a longer time when fully charged.

Recommended reason: multifunctional, save workspace, magnetic, protect eyes, large capacity battery.


3. Thunlit Clip Reading Light

Thunlit Clip Reading Light is designed with a long lamp arm, and the lamp tube is long enough, so that the range of soft light tiles is wider. The lamp arm can be bent at will and adjusted 360 degrees , When you are using the computer to work, this desk lamp can be clipped to one side (and can be placed firmly on the desk at the same time), it will not take up too much space for you and provide you with a better or supplementary light source, making your work more comfortable. Moreover, the light can adjust the brightness and color temperature by touch, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Recommended reason: adjustable long lamp arm, clip-on design, touch dimming.


4. Thunlit Daylight Clip Lamp

You don't need to worry about the service life of Thunlit Daylight Clip Lamp, it is made of high-quality metal, and has a service life of more than 40,000 hours. Not only that, but it is very practical. Our desk lamp has 3 rotating nodes, which can be combined and rotated to match the angle and height you need. It can be firmly clamped on the desk, and it has a remote control switch. And has 3 color temperatures, high CRI, true color rendering, minimal blue light hazard, very suitable for computer work.

Recommended reason: practical, long service life, metal made, save workspace, clip-on design.


5. Thunlit Modern Lamp

Thunlit Modern Lamp material used for Stainless steel + ABS plastic, and its triangular design makes it look very modern, in line with the style used for computer office. It has so many functions! First of all, it is a sliding touch switch, with 12-key dimming and color sliding touch switch, which can be matched with 35 different lighting effects. In addition, its CRI is greater than 93, so that the place where the light hits can restore its original color. It also supports wireless charging, which is equivalent to having a desk lamp + wireless charger.

Recommended reason: wireless charging function, simple style, multiple light sources.