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Thunlit Erasable Gel Pen Refill

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Product Description

Our heat erasable refill brings great convenience to our study and work. What should we do when we write a wrong word and we want to correct it? We can use correction tape or correction fluid. If it is a pencil, we can use an eraser to erase it directly. But after using the correction tape, the written text does not look neat as a whole. What about using an eraser? There will be a lot of small debris. Use our erasable refill and erase it with a special eraser, and the text will be neat and beautiful without leaving any debris. It really kills two birds with one stone. What we should pay attention is that if the temperature is too high, above 60℃, the handwriting will not be displayed, put it in an environment of minus 15 degrees, it can be used after 2 hours.

Product Specifications

Product size130*4.1mm(length*diameter)
Tip materialMetal
Tip size0.5mm
Pack quantity10
Pre-installed ink colorBlack
Storage conditionRoom temperature 25 ℃
FunctionHandwriting for study or work

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10* Thunlit Erasable Gel Pen Refills

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