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Tips to Choose Stationery for Students

Katherine Ke 2019-11-01 (Update:2020-10-14)

It seems like a piece of cake to choose stationery for students, but actually it needs to be done very carefully as students will use it for long time, it matters with their health. Here are some tips for your reference.

1. Choice of notebooks or exercise books

In the choice of notebooks or exercise books for children, it is best to choose papers with yellow color because white color will make their eyes easy to fatigue. If children use white notebooks or exercise books for long time, it will finally affect their eyesight.

2. No sharp scissors or sharp-edged rulers and pencil box

When parents choose hand-made scissors for children, it is best to choose one with a rounded tip, as sharp blades increase the chance of injury to children. As for rulers and pencil boxes, please check carefully to make sure the edges of ruler and pencil box is smooth. If the edge is rough, it's easy to hurt children's skin.



3. No erasers with fragrance

Most children like to choose erasers with fragrance. Actually erasers with fragrance contain benzene substances. If students use them for a long time, it will cause great harm to their body. Therefore, when choosing an eraser, it is best to choose the SBS eraser which is not harmful to the child's body or the rubber eraser which is slightly smelly.

4. No colored-pencil with heavy metal element

Primary school students like drawing a lot, so it’s very important to choose safe colored-pencils for them. So when choosing colored-pencils for students, parents must be careful to choose colored-pencils from legal and formal manufacturer. As we know some inferior colored-pencils contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, antimony ect., which will cause serious damage to children's health.