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How to Choose Pencils for Students

Katherine Ke 2019-12-09

As students, pencils are necessities at school. There are varied pencils to choose from, which one is the best one for students? Actually it helps make choice by narrow down your purpose to writing or drawing.


Pencils for writing

Traditional wooden pencils are common ones, if you don’t have special needs, you can choose it for writing. Please try using sample pencils to check if graphite in wooden pencils will break easily. It’s not good one if so.

Convenient mechanical pencils are not bad because you don’t need to sharpen them, you can just refill the lead, push the top of the pencil and fix the length of the lead to write. Of course usually this kind of pencil cost more then wooden ones.


Pencils for drawing

Wooden pencils with different lead can be chosen for linear sketching. Usually lead of H series, less dark then B series lead. You can fix the width of lines while sharpen the pencils.

Mechanical pencils with different size of lead is also good choice. For example you can use 0.3 millimetres lead to draw details like prople’s hair, eyelashes and so on.

Colored pencils are nice ones for drawing because there are many different colors to use in drawing. With bright color to decorate drawing, your drawing will be very beautiful.