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How to Choose a Right Schoolbag for Your Kids

Katherine Ke 2019-11-06 (Update:2020-06-20)

Then there is a lot you need to prepare for him/her. A comfortable schoolbag comes first since it’s the biggest necessity. Since the schoolbag will be your kid’s constant companion through the year, it does matter with kids’ health when they carry it, parents need to seriously choose right one for them. There are so many kinds of different school bags, then how to choose out? Here are some advise for your reference:

1. Consider the height and weight of your kid

You can choose the size of the schoolbag according to kids’ height and weight. Generally, a schoolbag should not be wider than kids’ body. When they carry a schoolbag, the bottom of the bag should not be 10cm below the child’s waist.

2. Backpack is better

For primary school students, they need to take several books back home for homework, so it’s the best to choose a backpack for them to reduce the possibility of any body distortion. Also the trolley bag is a good choice for them.


3. Wide shoulder straps and pads are helpful

A backpack with wide shoulder straps and pads is a good choice. It’s even better if it also carries a weight belt, which helps distribute weight pressure evenly and won’t cause excessive damage to the back and shoulders.


4. Schoolbags with many partions are very convenient

Schoolbags with many partions are not bad, parents can teach kids to put their books, stationery in different partions, it helps kids form good habits.

5. A breathable cushion is nice one

It’s a good set for a schoolbag with breathable cushion, it helps dissipate heat when kids are carrying the bags so that they won’t sweat a lot.


6. Bags with too many meshes or metal accessory are not advised

A bag with too many meshes is not advised because it can be easily caught by sharp objects and cause danger. Schoolbags with too many metal buckles or metal zippers is also not suggested because it may cause damage to kids’ back or other parts of their body except its heavy weight.

7. The lighter the better

Except for its style, color, parents also need to consider the material of schoolbags. Usually a bag made of lightweight nylon or canvas is better than that of leather or other heavy materials.