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What to Do to Prevent Children from Bullying

Katherine Ke 2019-12-02 (Update:2020-06-20)

Bully is often happened at school. As parents, we all don’t want our children to bully others or be bullied by others, it’s very important for all parents to learn to prevent children bullying. Here are some instructions to do it.

1. Set a positive example to your children

It’s very important to demonstrate friendly behaviour with friends, other family members and your children themselves. Parents should try best to keep an even temper when your kids around, don’t let your kids see you yell or argue with someone. Because children mimic a lot from parents in daily life, what parents speak or act effect them a lot.

2. Make friends with your children and play with them

If you want to know what your children think, make friends with them and play games with them. It’s easier to talk with friends but not parents. When you know what they think, you can provide advise in time to solve it to avoid any violate method children may take.


3. Keep a pet if possible

It can help children develop a sense of gentle affection for others if they are taught how to pet a cat or have fun with a dog. Since children learn how to care for little animals, they will often be more friendly to classmates and be easy to make friends at school.

4. Let your kids play with other peers in your supervision

Usually we don’t know what our kids will behave while we are not around. So we can often invite friends with kids or kids’ classmates over to our home to observe our kids’ behaviour in play. Then we can correct children’s negative behaviors in time to avoid bad one similar to bully.



There are many other ways to help children develop good friendly behaviors, by keeping behave well, it will finally be their habit to be nice to others to help reduce bully. What’s the most important parents need to keep in mind, be nice to your children if you want your children to be nice to others.