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How to Protect Yourself from Bullying

Katherine Ke 2020-01-24 (Update:2021-04-07)

Although both parents and teachers will always tell children not to bully, but still bullying can not be eliminated. Then it is very important to know how to protect oneself from bullying. The following are some advise.

1. Ignore mean comments

When you heard some mean words like “you are ugly, stupid. ” You can ignore them to avoid more mean comments. Ignoring them doesn’t mean you are afraid of them. You can choose to tell teachers you trust or parents about it if the comments bothered you. They will provide advise to help you. If bullies still do this, you can just listen to them and calmly ask them why. Usually bullies don’t have an actual reason and will stop it when faced with honest dialogue.

2. Run away from physical bully

When you meet physical bully, please run away instead of fighting back. This is done for your own safety. If bullies run after you, you can run to public places with many people around. Once if you can’t get away, defend yourself. You can learn some simple but powerful techniques to help defend yourself when necessary. But do not hurt bullies once they give up fighting or you will be a bully too.


3. Stop cyberbullying

Cyberbullying usually happens in nowadays society, what do we do when faced with cyberbullying? Please go to check How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Bullying.

4. Stay with friends

No matter which kind of bully you may meet, it always helps to have friends with you. You can talk with your friends what you think about those mean words, also bullies will hesitate if you have a group of people.


These are just some simple advise to guide you so you know how to deal with bullying. Actually there are many specific details to do, please remember there is always help you can find for or ways to deal with it. Be brave.