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How to Make Friends in Middle School

Katherine Ke 2020-03-18 (Update:2020-06-20)

When you go to middle school, it’s definitely new school environment with little people you know. No friends to talk with, you may feel alone. Actually there is a lot you can try to make friends from school daily routines.

Talk to your deskmates or neighbors in class

It’s very easy to strike up a conversation with your deskmates or neighbors by simply say hi and introduce yourself. Actually It’s necessary to talk to your them because you share a desk or sit close, and during class you may need to cooperate with them. Naturally step by step, you and your deskmates or neighbors will easily become friends.


Walk to classroom with new people

If you see someone who is in the same class as you walking to classroom, you can catch up with them and ask if they want to walk together, usually if you express it in friendly way, they won’t refuse. Then you can often walk to classroom with them and talk together, day by day, you will be friends.

Find a new lunch table

It’s easy to make new friends to surround yourself with new people you don’t know. So don’t sit at your usual table during lunch, try to look for a different table and ask if you can sit there. If you get positive answer, you can sit down and join them and talk with them. Don’t be shy to do this, actually everyone needs friend, someone need to be the positive one to start friendly relationship.

Start a conversation with your locker neighbors

You can start a conversation with your locker neighbors whenever you are both grabbing things from lockers in classes. It’s small talks like, “Hi, your backpack is cool, where did you get it?” After a few times, you will know each other better and become friends.

Know new people on school bus

This way is similar with lunch table talk method. You can sit next to new people in school bus and start conversation to make new friends. Of course again you need to ask if you can sit beside them. Then you can talk about music, films or other topic you are both interested in.


There is a lot of chances you can make friends in school daily life, you just need to be brave and confident enough to stretch out olive branch of friendship.