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How to Adapt to a New School

Katherine Ke 2019-11-17 (Update:2020-06-20)

After graduation from primary school, middle school or just move to a new town, it is inevitable children will go to a new school. They may worry because no friends there and they won’t fit in. How are the new teachers? It seemed there are a lot of unknown to worry about. Actually parents or old children themselves can do something to adapt to a new school.


1. Visit the new school

Parents can take kids to visit the new school and get familiar with the school environment before school starts. So kids will know which classroom to go to, and where to have lunch ect. Also later you can visit teachers, read student handbook and know when school vacation/holiday are scheduled. All these stuff will help kids adapt to new school.

2. Prepare for the fist day for new school

Parents can provide some advise to their kids to do some preparations for first school day. For example, go shopping and get all school supplies ready. Also get outfit ready. Go to bed early and have good breakfast. Leave early for school to avoid being late.

3. Behave well at school

Follow teachers’ instructions and do what they say. Except obeying the school rules, it also helps to adapt to new school to listen to teachers. Also kids can share or parents can ask what good happened at school so they know they are getting used to new school with good happy things.


4. Make new friends at school

After making friends at new school, you will be more willing and happier to go to school. Actually there is already passage about how to make friends at school in daily routines, you can try those ideas. The most important when making new friends is to be confident, kind and honest.