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Four Questions to Know What Happened to Your Kids at School

Katherine Ke 2020-02-13 (Update:2020-06-20)

When kids grow up to around 3 years old, most parents will send them to kindergarten to accept preschool education.  And around 6 years old, primary school. After kids becomes students, it’s at least 8 hours for parents to be away from their children, what happened to them during the day then? That's all parents want to know. The following 4 open questions to kids can help you know about their school life.


1. Was there anything good happened at school?

There must be a lot of different things happened to students at school. By asking your kids what good things happened, parents can know how their kids tell what’s good or bad. Children's values of good or bad is formed step by step. If there is nothing wrong with their views of values from kids’ answers, parents can just talk more details about it with kids to rich the content and strengthen it. Or they can teach kids or lead them to right direction in time. For example, it’s not right to lend something from classmate and forget to return it.

2. What's your good behaviour?

It's a very meaningful question. It helps remind kids to behave well all day long so that they can talk a lot about it when parents ask about it. Parents should praise their kids for what they did well to keep their passion. It’s better to praise with description, for example, if your kid helped their classmate pick up a pencil, you can say, wow, you are so friendly and kind to help others, good boy/girl!

3. What did you learn or get today?

Usually by this question, kids may first talk about what they learned in class, for example, new words, how to do multiplication ect. which helps them review knowledge in class. Then they will talk about other more life topic, like I made friend with Sandy, she is a very cute girl, we played games together and had good time. Or I finally sang a song before class bravely. Parents know a lot from their answers and can encourage or praise them in time to help build their confidence and form good unique characteristics.

4. What can we do to help you?

This question shows parents' careness and love to kids, at the same time, parents can teach kids to be responsible.
As kids grow up, they become more and more independent and may not ask for help from parents. By asking this question, it gives chance for children to pour out their heart, fears, woes or difficulty and release stress. Of course parents should firstly tell whether it’s a problem kids can handle it themselves and can’t just take kids’ responsibility to solve it. It’s a process to teach them to be responsible. Parents can provide advise and give more encourage to help kids solve difficulty in life.


The 4 questions are just for reference. Actually about kids’ education, it concerns a lot with their school life and more from  parents effects. Both parents and kids are learning in the process.