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Russian Government Scholarship

Katherine Ke 2020-06-05 (Update:2020-06-20)

The Russian government scholarship is the largest scholarship in Russia and the largest number of scholarships. It provides generous financial subsidies to international students every year. What should I do if I want to apply for a Russian government scholarship? And what situation I may meet after I successfully apply for it?  Let’s look at the conditions and procedures for applying for the scholarships, and requirements for scholarship international students.

russian government scholarship

Conditions for applying for scholarships

1. Chinese high school graduates (both ok with or without a basic knowledge of Russian)

2. Excellent high school graduation exam results, most subjects are A or B

3. Prize admission for high school graduates who have received awards, special skills and expertise

4. Participate in the National College Entrance Examination and have priority in admission to the undergraduate admission line

Selection and recommendation process

1. Self-recommended by the student or recommended by the school to be a recent outstanding high school graduate, submit a copy of the student’s ID card, graduation certificate or certificate of enrollment, transcript of the student's graduation examination, certificate of awards or specialties, expertise, special skills.

2. Our school will conduct preliminary review and selection. Students who meet the application requirements will prepare the documents according to the “Submission List of Foreign Students Applying for Russian Government Scholarships”, and will pay half of the scholarship project management fee at the same time as signing a contract with us.

3. After collecting and organizing the documents of the first student applicant for the Russian scholarship, recommend and register to the Russian Ministry of Education.

4. After the Russian scholarship application is approved by the Russian Ministry of Education, they will issue an admission letter and dispatch letter to the determined university in an official letter, and sends an invitation letter to the student to study in Russia.

5. After successful admission, the student will pay the remaining half of the scholarship project management fee within three days, and then our school will be responsible for other procedures such as visa for going abroad.

Requirements for scholarship international students

1. Each student can apply to the Russian Ministry of Education to determine 6 different universities in its jurisdiction. After the Russian Ministry of Education and the university to which the student applies are evaluated together in accordance with their voluntary order and graduation results, the Russian Ministry of Education determines the admission of one of the universities.

2. In the first year of admission, all scholarship students will study preparatory courses at specialized universities designated by the Russian Ministry of Education to study Russian and related courses. Preparatory studies may not necessarily be attended by undergraduate schools.

3. Scholarship international students will take the Foundation Examination in June of the second year of admission. After passing the examination, they will be admitted to the university they have volunteered for and started to take formal university courses. If special circumstances change, the school is responsible for explaining to students and arranging them to go to the nearest university. Students must obey the arrangements.

4. Scholarships International students have been excellent in each course since their admission to the university. The main courses have been excellent. They can always receive scholarships from the Russian Ministry of Education, free accommodation, and enjoy monthly living subsidies issued by the Russian Ministry of Education.

5. If the student fails to pass the upgrade exam during the study period (such as the preparatory exam, failing the first grade of the main study course), the school and the Ministry of Education will require the student to drop out or switch to a self-financed student to continue studying.