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Harvard Scholarships for International Students

Katherine Ke 2020-06-09

Harvard University, or “Harvard” for short, was founded in 1636 and is located in Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is a world-renowned private research university. It is a member of the famous Ivy League school, and also the oldest institution of higher learning in the country. Many international students want to study at Harvard University, but they are also worried about the high cost of studying abroad. Indeed, Harvard ranked third in the QS2020 World University Rankings. The higher the ranking, the higher the academic standards, and the higher the tuition, air tickets, accommodation and management fees—unless you qualify for a scholarship, which means there is scholarships for international students in Harvard.

harvard scholarships for international students

Harvard explained that “International students receive exactly the same amount of financial assistance as American students. In fact, about 70% of students receive some form of assistance, and more than 50% of students receive needs-based scholarships, paying an average of $1-20,000 per year.”

Harvard scholarship for international undergraduate

International students are eligible for the same amount of assistance as American students, and the application process is essentially the same. Harvard said, “You need to provide information about your household income and assets, external incentives, and unusual or changed financial conditions. Once we have reviewed your information and identified your needs, we will notify you in the coming year Awards.”

But you must also adhere to their guiding principles: 

Lack of financial resources or need of financial assistance does not prevent you from enrolling.

Grants are based entirely on needs, and all admitted students can receive grants in the same way-foreign students enjoy the same financial aid funds as US citizens.

Based on the information they receive from your family each year, they will meet your financial needs for four years.

Please also note that there are 2 admission times, one is early admission time, usually on November 1st, regular admission time, usually on March 1st, please provide relevant application documents before the deadline, generally around April 1st Economic aid will be decided.

Also there are also other types of scholarships, service scholarship and non-service scholarship.

Service scholarship

Generally, it is only awarded to graduate students and doctoral students.

1. RA / TA research assistant

This type of scholarship does not impose strict GRE and GMAT score requirements on applicants, and the application is generally difficult. But it is necessary to undertake 12-20 hours of research assistantship and teaching assistant work per week.

2. On campus job

This kind of scholarship is for students to earn income by working in the school, such as finding part-time jobs in university cafeterias, bookstores, libraries, health clubs, administrative offices, etc. USCIS rules: International students can work legally on campus for up to 20 hours per week, and holidays can reach 40 hours. The minimum remuneration per hour is $ 5.15, and acid can solve the basic food and clothing problem.

Non-service scholarships

Generally, applicants must have outstanding results or outstanding talents. This type of scholarship mainly includes the following: Fellowship bursary, Tuition Waiver tuition free, Scholarship.

1. Fellowship bursary

Financial aid competition is fierce, but the corresponding amount is the highest. If you want to apply for a bursary, you must not only have high scores for TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, but also pay attention to preparing personal GPA, recommendation letter and personal statement. In addition to the tuition, miscellaneous fees, accommodation, books, insurance, etc., a certain amount of consumption is also provided.

2. Tuition waiver tuition is free

The application of this type of scholarship is not difficult, and the distribution ratio is large. It is also the type of scholarship that Chinese non-technical Chinese students apply for the most. Students can try to apply for such scholarships, which can effectively alleviate economic pressure. After all, tuition in the United States cannot be underestimated.