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Australian Government Scholarship

Katherine Ke 2020-06-09 (Update:2020-06-20)

The phrase “knowledge is wealth” is by no means a word of mouth. Scholarships in Australia depend on the assessment of student excellence. This means that as long as the applicant is excellent enough, he can get high scholarships. Since 2006, the local government has launched the “Australia Scholarship Program”. According to statistics, among the many scholarships, international students can get up to $ 95,000 in a single stroke. Many foreign students with mediocre backgrounds use these scholarships to complete their coveted studies, which exactly confirms the saying: “Knowledge changes destiny”.

australian government scholarship

Australian scholarships are mainly divided into two major sections: government scholarships and school scholarships. We will focus on Australian Government Scholarships in this passage.

Australian government scholarships include the Endeavour Awards Programme, the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) and the Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS).

Endeavour awards programme

Endeavour Awards Programme are divided into three categories, Endeavour Study Scholarship, Endeavour Professional Scholarship and Endeavour Research Scholarship. The scholarship has no restrictions on the age and nationality of applicants. As long as they are admitted to a master’s or doctoral program at a local Australian university and can provide a formal admission letter issued by the university, they can apply for the Australian Endeavour Scholarship to obtain quality and comprehensive financial support. This is really good policy for international students whose family economic conditions is not so good.

Endeavour Australia scholarships include tuition fees, travel allowances, settlement allowances, monthly living allowances, medical and travel insurance, and more.

Australian development scholarship

The Australian Development Scholarship is jointly proposed and formulated by the Australian Agency for International Development (AU-SAID) and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China, and is issued and managed by the Australian Agency for International Development. Applicants for the Australian Development Scholarship cover a variety of learning experiences including undergraduate, graduate and doctoral, and higher vocational education.

The Australian Development Scholarship currently does not accept individual applications. Applicants need to contact the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation or foreign trade and economic commissions in advance. Successful applicants must return to China for two years after completing their studies to contribute to the country's economic and social development.

Australian development scholarships include: full tuition fees, round-trip airfare, living allowances, settlement allowances, overseas student health insurance, and basic medical expenses for students.

Australian international postgraduate research scholarship

The Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarship is funded by the Australian Government and distributed to 42 well-known local universities for only 330 applications each year. This scholarship is specially designed for international students, in order to encourage graduate or doctoral students from all over the world, so that they can study hard in Australia and focus on research topics.

Australian International Graduate Research Scholarships include tuition fees and health insurance fees.