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5 Affordable Mini Portable Fans for Students

Katherine Ke 2023-07-06 (Update:2023-07-21)

Summer is just around the corner, and the temperatures are rising. As a student, you may sometimes keep studying in the daytime, but the heat makes it unbearable to pay attention for long. Don't worry, there are affordable solutions to keep you reading in comfort without breaking the bank. As a brand focusing on student supplies, we’ve found 5 different types of affordable mini portable fans, where there are always one that fits your needs.

The List of 5 Best Affordable Mini Portable Fans

1. Thunlit Pink Handheld Fan


The Thunlit Pink Handheld Fan is a perfect up-close fan for your desk or workspace, allowing you to adjust the angle of your exposure. Compact, with a recessed handle, it can easily squeeze into a corner.


Plus, it has a fan base, which means that you can either hold it by hand or set it on the desk. Students can even use it as a phone holder to watch study videos. It comes in pink fresh colors, pretty suitable for students.

Highlights: rechargeable, 3-wind speeds, detachable base, phone holder, portable

2. Thunlit Portable Desk Fan


Your best bet for staying cooler? Buying a desk fan. They're smaller than table fans and larger than those mini battery-operated gadgets. With the 360° rotating function, you can adjust the angle of the air outlet to customize your wind demand.


Built-in 2000mAh battery, it can last longer on a single charge, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all day long. Last but not least, it is the most cost-effective fan from this list, only $8.80!

Highlights: rechargeable, portable, handheld, desk fan, 360°rotatable

3. Thunlit Mini Pocket Fan


The uniqueness of this fan is its foldable carabiner design. Not only can it be hung on your schoolbag, but also can be used standing on the desktop, which is more flexible. You can bring it everywhere to enjoy the cool wind.


Besides, it is small and lightweight, making it easy to fit in your pocket and ensuring a quiet study environment.

Highlights: three wind speeds, adjustable carabiner, portable, USB charging

4. Thunlit Mini Electric Fan


Thunlit Mini Electric Fan is pocket-sized and light in weight, the smallest one from this list, making it a brilliant option for kids on the go. The casing is made of ABS material, and the fan blades are made of TPE material, which is safe and comfortable to touch.

The fan can even rotate 180°,you can fold it up when you don’t need to use it. And a pair of demon horns on its head adds fun for children.

Highlights: rechargeable, handheld, portable, foldable, desk fan, power bank, outdoor use,

5. Thunlit Mini Folding Fan


When you are sweating yourself out outdoors as well as bitten by mosquitoes, this little gadget is your optimum choice. Not only does it feature a folding function and blow cool wind, but it also spread aroma to protect yourself from the bites. Put some anti-mosquito liquid, you can avoid the little buzzing things.


The fan is equipped with a lanyard. When you are reading a book or doing outdoor activities, you can hang this fan around your neck to free your hands. And it's very lightweight, you won't have any sense of weight.

Highlights: portable, foldable, rechargeable, hanging neck lanyard, outdoor use, aromatherapy


You now have five affordable options to beat the heat this summer without breaking the bank. Any of these mini portable fans would make a great addition to your dorm room or study space. So what are you waiting for? Pick out your favorite, place your order, and get ready to say goodbye to eye strain and shadows. With a mini portable fan by your side, you'll be able to study, work, or relax in cool comfort all season long.