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What is International Education Day and Why Education International Day

Katherine Ke 2023-01-14 (Update:2023-01-15)

At present, our world is facing issues such as the COVID-19, climate change and food security. To build a more equitable and sustainable future, education is still an effective medicine. We need to build a fair, efficient and flexible education system to create a better world. Therefore, International Day of Education was born out.

What is International Day of Education

The International Education Day is a holiday decided by the 44th plenary meeting of the 73rd United Nations General Assembly to help people better realize the importance of education. It is on January 24 every year. And the international education day 2023 is coming, are you ready now?

Firstly, let’s check what’s the detailed information of International Education Day as follows.

1. Official name: International Day of Education
2. Festival time: January 24 every year
3. Festival type: institutional setting
4. Epidemic area: worldwide
5. Origin of the festival: institutional setting
6. Festival significance: help people better realize the importance of education
7. Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York
8. Establishment of institutions: the 73rd United Nations General Assembly
9. Set time: December 3, 2018


Significance of International Day of Education

The International Day of Education is aiming to ensure the inclusiveness and fairness of all educational institutions, such as primary schools, secondary schools, universities and vocational training, so that all people can have lifelong learning opportunities, so as to have the opportunity to participate fully in society and contribute to sustainable development.

Education is crucial to the development of globalization. It is of great significance to set up a special international day for education, which can help people better realize the importance of education. At the same time, we call on the international community to support and actively participate in the International Education Day, and expand education opportunities for vulnerable groups.


Why International Day of Education and Why is Education Related to Our Future

1. Promote the growth of life expectancy and develop the economy

We should know that the skill level of the population is closely related to economic growth, because human capital is an important condition for achieving economic growth and building a good social structure. Therefore, at the individual level, education affects individual income and health status; At the macro level, education has a long-term impact on economic development and employment rate.

The return brought by education investment is not only reflected in the economy, but also in the life expectancy and health per capita. The report points out that the global life expectancy has jumped from 45 years old in 1950 to 70 years old in nowadays. It is generally believed that the income level is positively correlated with life expectancy, that is, the higher the income, the longer the life expectancy. However, the research shows that compared with the increase of income, the relationship between education level and the growth of life expectancy is more closed, which also breaks the traditional view that only income increase and medical investment can promote social development.

The simulation results show that developing countries can achieve economic growth and social progress by increasing investment in education and optimizing social structure. In other words, education is one of the important driving forces to promote social progress.


2. Scientific education shapes a better future

Quality education can not only change the way we think, the happiness index of our work and life, but also an important determinant of health, population transformation, economic growth, the establishment of effective social institutions, and the response to climate change. For the world, a strong education system is closely related to the future of mankind.

However, in the world today, many young people in developing countries are actually growing up in areas with relatively scarce resources. Their education problems are common challenges for all. Therefore, we need to establish a fair, efficient and flexible education system so that no one can miss educational opportunities.

That is why, in order to achieve the goals called for in relevant United Nations reports, all levels, from teachers to schools, from community leaders to social institutions, should actively discuss and take action. We should also try our best to bridge the gap between educational research and practice. Help the next generation master the knowledge and skills they need to cope with the most urgent problems at present.


3. Education exploration global experts are in action

Over the past few years, the Yidan Prize has also been explored and some gratifying results have been achieved.

Professor Eric A. Hanushek is the winner of the Yidan Education Research Award in 2021. He is also a senior researcher at Stanford University. For decades, Professor Hanushek's work has had a profound impact on the formulation of education policies in both developing and developed countries.

Professor Hanushek's research believes that we should pay attention to students' learning outcomes and design a more equitable system for evaluating the performance of teachers and schools.

In order to establish a "student-oriented" education system, teachers, parents, schools and communities should work together to help students in the process of learning.


4. International Education Day is an opportunity for us to build consensus and unity

The establishment of the Yidan Prize is to support innovative and effective excellent educational ideas and practices that can promote social progress. In the past five years, the Yidan Prize has welcomed 11 winners from all over the world and promoted their work. All winners, as ex officio members, joined hands with other education experts to form the "Yidan Prize Master Hall", and worked together on major education issues to establish a platform for promoting global education dialogue.

On the International Education Day in 2023, as we celebrate the progress made in improving education in the world over the past decades, we should also look forward to the future, integrate knowledge and practice, face challenges directly, understand and move forward, and create a better world through education.