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What Preparations for Christmas Day

Katherine Ke 2019-11-04

Christmas is the biggest and most popular holiday in most countries. Every year on December 25th, family members will get together to celebrate it. Usually kids love and expect it a lot because of Saint Clause and Christmas story. Do you know what preparations need to be done on Christmas? Here are some advise.


Christmas Gifts

ThOn Christmas day, parents need to prepare gifts for their kids and other family members or friends. So it comes the first. Usually parents will give their kids what he/she expected for a long time. Actually parents are the Saint Clause to their kids.


Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is an essential Christmas item in western countries, which is prepared to create festive atmosphere. Usually parents and kids will decorate an evergreen tree as Christmas tree, such as a cypress, it symbolizes longevity. And they will hang all kinds of decorations on the Christmas tree, such as colored flowers, toys, stars and so on, and finally put it in the living room at home.

Christmas Cards

People usually send Christmas cards with blessings to distant friends and relatives to maintain relationship. Usually there is family photo or family news on the cards to share with friends or relatives.

Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are one of Children’s favorite things because they will use Christmas socks to hold their expecting Christmas gifts from Saint Clause. In the evening, children hang their socks by the bed and wait for the next morning to receive gifts. The original traditional socks are red, the size is not restricted, now the color of Christmas socks has changed a lot.

Christmas Hat

Christmas hat is a red hat. It's said if you sleep wearing a Christmas hat at night, it will not only bring you safety and warmth, but also a surprise gift from Saint Clause the next day. Kids love such stories a lot. Now Christmas hat is the main character in the party on Christmas Eve. No matter where you go, you can see people in all kinds of Christmas hats.


Actually it’s not all the same for different countries to celebrate Christmas, but what the same is that people enjoy themselves a lot  on Christmas holiday.