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Indispensable Guide for Choosing a Desk Lamp for Studying

Katherine Ke 2020-10-10 (Update:2022-01-20)

The importance of having the right tools and equipment whilst study cannot be quickly disregarded. Having the best desk lamp for studying, in a similar magnitude, perfectly sums up an immense style statement to other materials in your study room. The study desk lamp in the market come in all shapes, sizes, wattages and prices. Each is designed for varied functions and different individuals that it might be hard to figure out which one fits your study interests. We know that picking the best desk lamp for study could be tricky. The advice and recommendations shared here concerning the best study lamp for eyes will help you accomplish the best level of output with an average effort.

Part 1. The Best 5 Desk Lamps for Studying

1. Thunlit Night Study Lamp

Thunlit Night Study Lamp is a colorful and florid pen holder table lamp with stepless dimming and 7 colors to choose from. Students can thus utilize this best study lamp for without eyes straining. It gives you colorful lights and romantic atmosphere, best for soft sleep atmosphere too.

Thunlit Night Study Lamp


● An atmosphere lamp with 7 colors to make study so relax and interesting

● It is not only a night lamp for study, but also a pen holder, a USB small fan, a mobile phone holder

● LED surface light source that reduces eye strain

● Stepless dimming function with adjustable brightness to fit different environments

● Creative design shape of pen holder to saves storage space

● Its soft silicon material can be bent more freely

● USB charging output


● Those who like to choose between colors, this product’s color is mainly white

2. Thunlit Modern Study Lamp

This is the best study lamp and a kind of its own. Thunlit Modern Study Lamp attractes teenagers with the creative and functional design, it always makes them healthy and relax simultaneously.

Thunlit Modern Study Lamp.jpg


● Sensitive touching control makes students more convenience

● Adjustment of 110-degree angles and 90-degree angles

● Bulb last for more than 50, 000 hours

● Energy saving up to 80% more than incandescent lamps

● The pen holder is convenient for students who mostly use phones to learn

● Eyes are not easy to feel tired because of its natural eye protection lighting


● Unlike some products in its niche, it lacks built-in battery that can’t be recharged

3. BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

BenQ products utilize smart technology to detect ambient light in your study room so that it adjusts to optimize and reduce glare. Its major products are the e-Reading Desk Lamp and e-Reading Desk Lamp-Genie.

BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp.jpg


● Comes with 150% light coverage than some of the best study lamp for eyes

● Smart lighting – Automatic adjustment of brightness to ambient light

● Mood lighting – Easily switch from warmer to cooler tones

● Its adjustable brightness reduces eye-strain

● Adjustable color temperature from 2700K – 5700K

● Comes with a wider 90cm lighting range


● High market prices

4. Taotronics LED Desk Lamp

Enjoy your study time and work on your assignments and projects with an eye-caring table lamp of choice. Taotronics LED Desk Lamp cannot be sidelined when considering best table lamps for study.

Taotronics LED Desk Lamp.jpg


● Flicker-free lighting with large luminous area for reading or studying

● Effortless options from 5 color modes and different brightness level

● Charge port for electronic devices – Built-in 5V/2A USB output

● Multi-joint arm for easy positioning in any environment

● Provides several color modes to choose from: white, cool white, natural, yellow, and warm yellow

● You can charge your smartphone, tablet or other small electronic devices within an arms’ reach


● Not portable becase of its metal material

5. Luxe Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Luxe Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp offers the best light for study lamp one would wish for. It’s currently one of the friendly study lamp products in the market.

Luxe Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp.jpg


● Enhanced lighting control: three lighting modes and six levels of brightness, all controlled by a touch panel at the base

● Offers up to 40 hours of continuous light

● Rechargeable and cordless

● Efficient on energy utilization that reduces eye strain

● Competitive market price range


● Can not be bent

Part 2. Tips on How to Choose a Study Lamp Suitable for Students

With so many budget friendly and feature-rich desk lamps in the market, choosing the best LED desk lamp for study might pose a huge challenge. Here are the top factors to consider when you want to accomplish high-level of output with little strain.

Versatility in Lamp Color Temperature

Most traditional lamps have fixed light color temperature. The challenge is that most people don’t use a lamp for a single purpose. Even in reading, sometimes color adjustment enhances critical thinking and concentration. Romantic novels might even require you to dream as you read. Choose the best light for study lamp that offers a wide range of color temperature; from sleep-inducing orange light to alertness stimulating bluish white, as well as everything in between.

Less Maintenance Cost

Best LED desk lamp for study are famous for lasting very long. A good lamp boasts to last 50,000 hours. If used for 8 hours a day, the bulb can last 17 years. You should thus not go for something less.

Power Cost

Best study lamp for students relies on LED bulb uses 95% of the electricity it receives to produce light. A fluorescent bulb will convert 95% of the power into heat. Since LED desk lamps are usually placed next to the person on the table, it’s best you go for those that are power and user friendly.

Save Money with Pocket Friendly LED Study Lamp

As much as LED lights are still new in terms of technology, there are several study lamps that offer high-quality lights at very affordable rates. With the huge product range in the market, getting a pocket-friendly best desk lamp for studying should never be a huge challenge. A lamp that efficiently utilizes power will also save on the long-run cost. Go for an exceptionally good desk lamp that offers the right price.

Read Without Eye Strain

Best table lamp for study should bring a flicker-free experience that won’t harm your eyes or induce fatigue. It should come with versatile and highly-adjustable light brightness and color range that fits the occasion.