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Thunlit Team in Huizhou

Katherine Ke 2019-11-06

Shenzhen Thunlit Technology Co., Ltd successfully carried out league building tour in Huizhou. It is a 2-day activity from Oct. 26th to 27th.

Aim of the tour, relax and strengthen team work

Our CEO Mavis took our team to the golden beach and gave a brief speech. She encouraged us to enjoy the 2-day tour to release stress with partners, no matter what difficulty we have met in work, we were a team to solve it and she would be there to support us anytime. We would be more energetic to serve customers after relaxed.

Activities on 26th

Activity 1  Make dumplings

We had a short rest at hotel by the sea after we arrived in Huizhou. Then we gathered together to make dumplings by ourselves with food material we took. We divided the steps and cooperated well to finish making them. We soon had our dumpling lunch.

Activity 2  Enjoyed ourselves by the sea

It’s free activity in the afternoon. We walked together on the golden beach, picked up shells brought up by sea waves and went swimming in the sea. It was pleasant time.


Activity 3  Enjoyed seafood for dinner and played games

We had a hearty of sea food dinner after we exhausted in the afternoon. What a delicious meal! Interesting games were organized on the beach after dinner, winners got many small gifts.

Activities on 27th

Activity 1  Saw the sunrise

We got up very early on 27th to see the sunrise on the beach. It was worthy to try, amazing experience.


Activity 2  Went hiking ong the green sidewalk

Mavis took us to go hiking on the sidewalk by the sea. After sweating, it was relaxed.